Journalists’ Roundtable: County Attorney Allister Adel reisgns

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Jeremy Duda of Arizona Mirror, Laurie Roberts of Arizona Republic and Camryn Sanchez of Arizona Capitol Times join Ted to discuss the major topics of the week.

Topics for this week:

  • Adel Resigns
  • Abortion Ban Passed
  • Bills Targeting Transgender Youth Passed
  • Report: County Election Machines Not Hacked
  • Early Voting Ban Resurrected

Was it a Surprise that Allister Adel resigned?

Roberts: “Well, it was a surprise to me. She has obviously been in some trouble, and troubles that have mounted over the weeks. I think that the final domino to fall were those 180 cases of drunk drivers and abusers that had to be tossed out because prosecutors did not file in time due to the statue of limitations. Even then she was pretty combatant and blaming other people… I wonder if the state bar investigation had something to do with her decision to suddenly … issue a four or five sentence statement saying ‘as of Friday I will be gone’ and so shes gone.”

Were you surprised she left when she did? Or were you surprised she stayed as long as she did?

Sanchez: “I’m going to say I’m surprised she left when she did, after saying she was not going to resign. We heard what she said and listened to it, and now we are rushing in to a new elections for someone to finish out this term. So that’s a new thing to cover, and obviously the democrats are happy to have a candidate to get so many signatures so quickly.”

When asked if there was anyone in Allister Adel’s “corner”, Ted was met with silence.

Tell us about this abortion bill that just passed.

Sanchez: “This bill as it is now is sort of unconstitutional because we are waiting on a decision from the Supreme Court for this Mississippi case… the idea is if the Supreme Court upholds Mississippi’s law then Arizona’s law will also be constitutional and we can keep it in place.”

Jeremy Duda, Arizona Mirror; Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic; Camryn Sanchez, Arizona Capitol Times

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