Journalists Roundtable: 02-05-21: Maricopa County vs. AZ Senate, GOP vs. Kelli Ward, GOP vs. Voter Registration

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Time now for the Journalist Roundtable, which this week includes a look at state Republicans fussing and fighting with each other. Our guests include Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services and Steve Goldstein from KJZZ radio.
  This week’s Journalists’ Roundtable covered:
  • Maricopa County vs. AZ Senate
  • GOP vs. Kelli Ward
  • GOP vs. Voter Registration
  • Expanded Gaming in Arizona

Maricopa County vs. AZ Senate

Howie Fischer: “This is a war of wills. I mean, it comes down to the fact that the Senate President and a lot of her members believe that the county promised a full and complete audit. They looked at who the county hired, they looked at the scope of the practice and said ‘That’s now what we agreed on.’ So, they’ve been pushing them and what’s going to happen on Monday, at least it’s scheduled, they’re going to vote on a contempt citation, which would, well, we don’t know what exactly that would do, which becomes the other part of it.”

Steve Goldstein: “The county is saying that this violates the state constitution and there’s certainly grounds for them for saying that. And if we could mention what Robert Robb wrote in his column in the Republic, he said it’s almost as though the Maricopa County Supervisors are the only Republicans making sense right now. Because for a lot of others, this looks like political theatre. Whether Senate President Fann or some others who are saying we don’t want to alienate the Trump part of the wing, which is quite large right now.”

Howie Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Steve Goldstein, KJZZ radio.

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