School voucher expansion bill sent back to the Senate

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We talked with Senator Martin Quezada and Representative Reginald Bolding from the House about efforts to expand the state’s School voucher programs. We also talk about other ongoing issues at the capitol from the two democratic leaders. We ask why the voucher expansion bill went back to the Senate. We talk about why it was sent back to the Senate and the motivation for that.

We talk about the different bills right now and what the Representatives think of them. They say they do not want any of these bills that take away early voting lists. They don’t want money drained from schools’ general funds going into private funds. They both go more into why they don’t feel comfortable with this bill passing. Quezada said he doesn’t want any of those bills to move forward. The senator explains the voucher, what the bill does, and why they are against it.

We also asked if it will be referred back to the voters again and Bolding said he thinks there is a very good chance that it will. They also talk about the bill to help workers struggling with the effects of COVID-19. Quezada hopes it makes it to the Senate. He said it is a bill to help families in the state by increasing their benefits. Bolding said that Arizona has some of the lowest benefits in the country and so he also hopes that it makes it to the senate as well.

Lastly, We also talk with them about the new bill in the house that would create a new crime regarding violent protests. It is supposed to deter protesters from turning violent. Quezada thinks it is not something we should be focusing on. Bolding said it is “ridiculous“. He believes it is a way to shut down the protestors from BLM and thinks it violates the first amendment.

Senator Martin Quezada and Representative Reginald Bolding from the House

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