Attorney General Kris Mayes discusses recent topics

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Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes joined Arizona Horizon to discuss recent topics, including Governor Hobbs’ executive orders.

“I do believe that the executive order that Governor Hobbs issued was appropriate. I believe it was lawful. I think the law is pretty clear on this matter,” Mayes said.

When Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Dobbs case, the U.S. Supreme Court sent the issue back to the states, not to county attorneys.

“What Governor Hobbs did as the governor of this state was issue an executive order that consolidated prosecutorial authority over abortion cases in one place, and that was my office, the AG’s office. And I think that’s really appropriate to not have 15 different county attorneys enforcing the law in 15 different ways,” Mayes said.

Does the Governor have authority to do this?

Despite what some county attorneys think, Mayes believes the Governor does have this authority. Mayes has supervisory authority over the county attorneys, and there is precedent for a governor taking a case away from county attorneys.

This is especially important for the women, doctors and medical professionals, that they have certainty on this, Mayes said.

“The people of Arizona do not believe that it’s appropriate for prosecutors to be going after doctors for abortion care or reproductive services,” Mayes said.

Mayes will not prosecute doctors for reproductive services and for abortion in the state of Arizona.

Fake electors investigation

“As you know, I’ve been clear that we are investigating fake electors. I think that it was appropriate to state that. I do not believe that what happened in 2020 is something that can go un-investigated and un-examined. Beyond that, I really am not going to say much because we don’t comment on ongoing investigations. And I’ll obviously have something to say later on down the road,” Mayes said.

Kris Mayes, Arizona Attorney General

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