Phoenix Rescue Mission’s results from recent Maricopa County study

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Phoenix Rescue Mission (PRM) recently announced the results of a study about homelessness, substance abuse, and food insecurity.

The study was conducted by From the Ground Up and is the first study of its kind in the nation.

They interviewed 1,181 individuals in the 10 largest Maricopa County cities including people experiencing homelessness, shelter clients, elected officials, first responders, and many more community groups over the course of 16 months to answer two questions:

1. What are the available resources and unmet needs related to homelessness, substance abuse and food insecurity?

2. And, how might PRM be a partner in addressing these needs?

Nathan Smith, Chief Program Officer at Phoenix Rescue Mission, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss the study.

Among the findings, nearly 68% of unhoused survey participants are also experiencing addiction. The number one answer participants gave as to why they were unhoused was economic factors, followed closely by health issues, then familial issues and lastly, the lack of affordable housing.

Nathan Smith, Chief Program Officer, Phoenix Rescue Mission

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