Critical role of Black voters in swing states

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A recent survey in two swing states, Pennsylvania and Michigan, shows that President Biden’s support amongst Black voters may have dwindled slightly but former President Trump is still not resonating with Black voters.

The takeaway of 500 voters shows President Biden has fallen 20 percentage points in Pennsylvania (to 56%) and 22 points in Michigan (to 54%).

The biggest reason: voters say they are not pleased with the job he is doing in the White House. While Trump’s campaign says this could mean a chance for their candidate to gain in the Black vote, a majority of Black voters are still not sold on him and say they would be less likely to vote for Trump if he chose any of three Black men frequently mentioned as potential vice-presidential candidates. These candidates are former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and Florida Rep. Byron Donalds.

The poll was conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University.

We welcomed Karl Gentles, a partner at The Gentles Agency to discuss the upcoming election.

“It’s clear that the majority of black voters have swung towards the Democratic party over the years,” Gentles said. “We did see in the poll there’s some slippage in there, but I didn’t see a wide swing that would raise my concern based on what the polls are showing in the two states.” 

As the election is inching closer, many voters are taking a look at how the candidate’s policies will affect them individually.

“The thing that really drives this slippage and support is not those two things, it’s more on how the economy is doing for them individually and how they’re doing more directly,” Gentles said. 

Gentles believes inflation is a major factor rather than age or performance levels from President Biden and former President Trump. “The quality of their schools have a lot more to do with it,” Gentles said. Direct issues such as economic issues are making major plays.

While the polls have determined that Biden has been losing voter support in the black and Latino communities, it is alleged that he will be focusing more on these communities when it comes to his campaign. 

“The Biden Administration and the Biden Campaign clearly sees that, which is why you’ve seen a double down on his efforts in African-American communities across the states including here in Arizona,” Gentles said. 

Karl Gentles, Partner, The Gentles Agency

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