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Arizona congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick was among those in the House of Representatives who voted to send the article of impeachment back to the Senate. On Monday, we spoke with Representative Kirkpatrick about her decision to impeach and what she’s now looking for from the Biden administration.

“I think the mood overall is very, very hopeful now that we have the presidency, the house and the senate. We’re going to be able to push ahead some of the progressive ideas and values that we’ve been pushing so hard at for so long.”

Representative Kirkpatrick has sensed a mood change in Washington over the last week. She says there was damage done at the end of the Trump presidency but now sees a brighter future ahead, with a few issues at the top of her priority list.

“First and foremost is comprehensive immigration reform and providing Covid relief. Those are the top two, I don’t think one is bigger than the other and I think that they can be done simultaneously, but those are the big issues we’re talking about right now.”

When speaking of the impeachment the congresswoman said “it has to be done for the American people,” and then said she wants it done as quickly as possible. On January 6th when the insurrection at the Capitol took place, Kirkpatrick was scared in her office and blames former President Trump’s call to action for the events of that day.

In response to a question about what a Biden administration means for Arizona, Kirkpatrick said, “It means a lot of good things… I think his values are very in line with what we want to accomplish in the state.” She went on to explain the belief that we as a state and a nation can move on from the emotional issues that have plagued the past few years.

Ann Kirkpatrick

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