More children being hospitalized for COVID-19

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Banner Health is reporting an increase in children being hospitalized for COVID-19 with admissions nearly four times higher than they were just a few months ago. We learned more from Dr. David Moromisato, Chief Medical Officer at Banner Desert Medical Center.

Over the last couple of months, the state has been experiencing a surge of COVID-19 cases. The surge in adult patients being hospitalized for COVID-19 is similar to the surge for child patients.

The children being hospitalized are those who need more care than they can receive at home. These treatments include oxygen therapy and IV fluids. According to Dr. Moromisato, one-third of children being hospitalized require more intense care, including ventilators. Some children also experience Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome where persistent symptoms occur weeks after getting COVID-19. Often times, the heart is affected.

With high community spread in the state, Dr. Moromisato believes in-person learning for children isn’t safe. However, if children must continue with in-person learning, adhering to CDC guidelines is a must Dr. Moromisato says. “We want to keep masking, social distancing and being careful with our circles,” Dr. Moromisato said. The doctor is hopeful in-person learning can resume soon.


Dr. David Moromisato, Chief Medical Officer, Banner Desert Medical Center

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