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Former Tempe Mayor, Neil Giuliano, announces a new project, Urban Waters Federal Partnership Designation. An idea going along Arizona regions, starting from Mesa to Buckeye. Giuliano believes this will further the vision for the Rio Salado Project. The project will see a coordination at the federal level as well. An ambassador is taking care of the project to help with any problems at the 15 or more federal agencies.

From the administrative side, this is big news. It shows that they’re stepping up and supporting the project with this idea of a one-stop shop directly at the federal agencies. More grant money will be expected even after a million dollar grant from the Environment Protection Agency. The grants have been from the last couple of years for various different projects along the Rio-imagined area. Six cities and two Indian communities, along the salt lake that will be reimagined by their own jurisdiction. This allows the capability to determine the vision, the scope, what they want it to look like, and what kind of amenities they want their community to have with the renovation.

All of the individual communities are in charge of working for their part in the project but what’s important is when they all come together.

Former Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano, President and CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership

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